Friday, April 24, 2015


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So glad that spring is really here. Bye bye to those 'too cold' days, and hello sunshine! :) Dear Spring, you have no idea how happy I am to finally meet you again. Thankyou for warming up the city, bringing happiness to us and for all the beauty you caused. Spring is time for dressing up more freely and creatively. I like the fact that we are now able to wear thinner clothes while it's still proper to wear coat/layers at the same time. Unlike the summer, when it is too hot for me. So please.. dear Spring, I need you to stay a little longer.

 Anyways I've been such a sneakerhead lately. I have some new pair of sneakers and I can not get enough. We walk a lot! here in europe, everybody does it. it's a normal thing. So it's okay to have lots of lots nice sneakers, don't you agree? hehe. In Indonesia it's so much different, most of the people go here and there by car, the ladies got more chances to wear higher heels, and stilettos. I don't say that it's impossible for us here to wear that kind of shoes, I wear 'em sometimes, it's just I find it not as flexible and comfortable as when I'm in my homeland.

I can say for now nike is my favourite brand for sneakers. they always have nice designs and their logo is just.. I don't know it looks nike, ups I mean.. 'nice'. cause it's nike. This red one I was wearing is a customize NikeId. Which means they already have the model, They gave you colour and pattern choices, so you can custom/design the shoes just like how you want it. you can even put your name on it. how nike is that! I was so in the mood for red cherry colour, I painted the same colour on my nail, and also put a red cherry headscarf on. Red is never dead.

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NiaNastiti said...

Kamu selalu keliatan fresh Nada, stylenya juga aku sukaa :D

Hanna said...

Love the combination of a relaxed look but stylish as well!!

handdriati untuk #BeraniLebih memutuskan said...

Segeerrr banget Nada, gayanya juga asik :)

Ollyvia Laura said...

suka sama tone foto-fotonya sekaranggggg <3 sepatunyaaa jugaaa bikin pengeeeeen koleksi Nike sky dunk T.T


Joenah Joyce said...

You look stunning as always, Nada! I'f would wear this outfit I think i would look weird. But you look beautiful and you definitely flaunt it! <3
And you're back in Germany :)

- Joyce |

eva fdlh said...

Kak, I love you so much. Pngn ketemu . Ka nada inspirasi bgt buat aku. Fresh, fashionable, beautiful

Salsya Almaz (Cacha) said...

Love your style kak Nada.
Inspiring! Been reading your blog since last year and I love the way you cover your body, being in fashion industry doesn't have to reveal your body, right? :)
And the way you put your makeup on, so flawless :)

Please visit my blog:

thank you :)

Vida Zenitha said...

subhanallah. cantik banget. seneng liat senyumnya ^_^

Maroua said...

Hi !
That's a very nice look, and those sneakers really suit you. I'm from Germany as well and I really wanted to ask you a question. Were you born and raised in Germany? Or did you just move to Germany? :)

The Twisted Moth said...

suka sama twist tunik dan sneakersnya. berencana mau coba kapan-kapan :)