Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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Hi, love! how are you doing? I hope everything's fine there. It's May already, can you believe it? it feels like the time goes faster and faster, year by year. some said it's a sign you're getting older. haha . ooh yasssh can't deny it tho, I aaam, and I can't stahp it :( . what so eva. Anyways love, I know this question may sounds weird and random but.. do you like to watch movie ? like seriously, I personally can say that I am not a fan of going to the cinema for the new movies, and always keep myself updated. I mean.. I like to watch movie (sometimes), and kinda moody. and honestly.. tell me the hottest movie right now, super hero? action movie? I might not show you the excitement you expect. Unless it's Cartoon/Animation, Musical, those get me excited. yea I know I'm boring... but wait! also.. horror movies, comedy and those movies who make you overthink. they are addictive! ( that's a lot tho haha, whatevs) .

How about romance ? drama ? well...I may be enjoy them but... should I be honest ? haha I am a very mellow person, so or too easy to cry... and sometimes it's just unbelievably easy to make me feel so touched.
I even cry watching Hell's Kitchen when someone dropped their dish and lost their time and they became to seem sad and disappoint, that's ridiculous!
and many times, that 'sad' feeling just didn't finish by the end of the movie. it stayed a lil longer with me. Which I don't like. Yea, I'm such a baby.

Bytheway loves, how about you ? I wanna hear some from you and.. what's your current fav movie ? or the latest movie you watch and you like the most! I'm in the mood for a movie marathon haha. I watched two old Thai horror movies in one night a couple of days ago. first, The Swimmers.. Quite Interesting! you should try to watch em, cause why not! . second, Pee Mak.. I know I am so late but this horror movie is hilarious! they also have some touching part ( I think ) .. so still... I cried at the end, sorry can't help it. so many feelings in one movie, recommended!

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Rezky Yulia Safarina said...

Nonton horor movie thai deh kak yg phobia dijamin seru!:D

Nadya Lars said...

Hi kak! I'm so happy you've updated your post again yeaay ❤️ I love the fact that you wear an outfit with different styles all the time. And this one i love so much, the scarf is amazing!! I should get one for my own *lol*

Me too! I'm also a cry baby everytime i watch something sad, i once watching a movie with my mom at a cinema, i know the movie is about a heartbreaking story, so i prepared well and carried a handkerchief. Hahaha. I tried so hard not to cry, instead my chest felt so hurt because I held the tears . wow haha.

I love watching comedy-romance, comedy-action, comedy-drama, whatever that have a sense of comedy in it. Cartoons/Animations could be fun, not really into Sci-Fi and horror or thriller hehe.

The worst movie I've ever watched are cheesy-Asian-horror-movie :( it's creeping me out, made me hard to forget the scary scenes.

Some of my favorite movies are Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sound of Music, Roman Holiday, Funny Face (i love oldie movies from 40's 50's 60's and also French movies) , Girl on a bicycle (french), Little miss sunshine, The Help and much more hehehe

The latest movies I've watched are The Grand Budapest Hotel (absolutely love it), Mortdecai (Love Johnny Depp), and Into The Woods (musical) .

Upcoming movies I really want to watch are Absolutely Anything, The Little Prince, Irrational Man, and IRIS (a documentary movie)

Hehehe. Sorry I'm talking to much, I hope someday we could meet each other. Probably not at a cinema, obviously you don't like to go and I constantly have an irritating headache when I'm watching at cinema hahaha.

Have a nice day! I hope everything going well ❤️

XOXO, Nadya L

Hanna said...

A good latest movie is Avengers Age of Ultron, but it depends if you are into action and superhero movies.
By the way, love the outfit!!!!

Sofyana Gustriani said...

currently watching jupiter ascending, lumayan seruu. but my most favorite movie all the time is divergent series. like omg its change my personality so much! im addicted with those movies! it makes my courage been growing day by day. honestly im shy person, very very shy person. and then i watched those movies and like omg i want to be like her! i want to be brave to face everything.
hahaha ok maybe its too much :p

Thanks for reading my looooong comment :p

Sofyana Gustriani said...

btw i love all your outfit! really inspiring! i hope that i can be like you someday :)

nadira arasya said...

Love it! u look so gorgeous as always kak! and, oh i love to listen to your new single. And, btw you have to watch "The Lady" its about Aunk San Su Kyi, i cried a lot. or "the bling ring", "Unfriended" (Horor) and "Bad Hair Day"! and... "Wedding dress"

Joenah Joyce said...

You look gorgeous as always, Nada! You insppire not just me but also a lot of ladies and girls out there. Thank you for being humble and one of a kind. Allah truly bless those who have good heart. :)
Anyway, your boots! i'm in love with your boots! :)

- Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/