Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dear 2015,
Thankyou for the moments, and the memories.
So many feels, happiness, pains, lessons, laughs, and tears, but most of all thankyou for all the blessings.

Dear Allah, Almighty
Thankyou for letting us grow
Thankyou for all the chances and opportunities
Thankyou for letting us keep on going
For I am a sinner, forgive me
For I am a believer, guide me

It is time for another page in life
Welcoming 2016 with hopes, dreams, excitement, faith, love, smiles, and positivity
So dear 2016, let's write something beautiful, again.

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Nada Putri said...

Hi Kak Nada been adoring you since 5everrrr!!!!!
Love you and your style, and how can you look just so goddamn lovely all the time :(
And oh we have the same name also, hahahhaa
Good luck on everything you're trying to pursue in life kak!:)
Btw I also feel so grateful seeing you happy with your new partner, you both do look good being altogether :)

Adeayu Hadijah said...

have a good year Nada ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

lols marhia said...

You're such an inspiration

Agussatriana S. said...

Hi nada,,,you're so beautiful!
Your blog's really impressive. I like it!

Nice to greet you, Nada :)

Surya Kumar said...

Trava said...

Fotonya keren-keren ya mbakkk awwww

Agus Maya said...

its Oke your image